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Main objectives and activities

The “Fondazione Bruno Visentini” represents a new multilateral experience in Italy, thanks to a wide and composite membership (industrial associations, banking foundations, banks, enterprises), promoting a “space” for scientific research and debate in the legal, economic and historical–political areas. Thanks to its strong national and international network, Fondazione Bruno Visentini carries out ‘basic’ and ‘applied’ research, the results of which are dealt with in specific seminars held by the Scientific Committee.

The Foundation cooperates with Italian and foreign universities, research centers specialized in the legal and economic fields and with the business sector. It is institutionally linked to LUISS University through the services offered by one of its most prestigious research centers: CERADI, the Centre for Research in Business Law.

In this context, these are the Foundation’s main objectives:

  • the promotion of national and international research networks in order to put together the best experts in the relevant fields;
  • multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary vision oriented to law & business;
  • the development of a comparative-historical approach;
  • favor a most effective connection between universities and research centers, academic research and business system, large firms and SMEs, through an impact assessment of the costs associated with the application of legal rules: in this perspective, each research project may be summarized by hypothetical legislation, thus participating to the national legal policy debate.


The Foundation’s research operative tools are three permanent scientific Observatories:

  • International-Economics
  • Juridical-Tributary
  • Historical-Political-Cultural

Statutory structure

  • Board of directors: approves the annual Plan of research
  • Steering Committee: approves specific projects of the General Plan and its budget for their realization
  • Chairman of the Board: Legal representative
  • Chief executive: Business Manager
  • Scientific Committee: indicates to the Board of directors issues for the annual Plan of research
  • Executive Scientific Committee: prepares and validates the specific projects of the General Plan
  • Scientific Director: Scientific Commettee Coordinator
  • Board of Auditors: monitors Foundation’s accounting and financial management.

Administrative structure

  • Alessandro Laterza: Chairman of the Board
  • Gustavo Visentini: Scientific Director
  • Fabio Marchetti: Deputy Scientific Director
  • Alessandro Petti: Chief executive
  • Maria Zinno: Scientific Coordinator
  • Annabella Del Giudice: Administration end accounting Coordinator
  • Giulia Cerasi: Press office Manager
  • Maurizio Damilano: Webmaster

Financial resources

The main sources of funding are research contributions awarded by: industrial associations, banking foundations, banks and enterprises.